10th day - milling n’ grilling

Since the machine performed well on the testrun, we had some minor things to sort out. The motorconnection had to be tighten up, and Nicolas from Halfmachine did a great job on this.


The motors are now held in place by a couple of bolts with machine screws going through them.


We solved the tool mount by attaching a perforated metal plate on the z axis. The holes on the plate allows us to mount milling tools with heavy duty wire strips. The is a quick and dirty solution, which will work for now.

We also began constructing on the machine housing. We found some used wooden plates and made the bottom-suction-room. since we havnt got any plexi-glass yet, we could not finish it. Its larger than first immagined though. The distance from the materialtable to the tooltabel should be about 400mm (so you can get big pieces into the machine) and the z-axis with motor sticks up about 350mm. With a little clearence and 50 mm ind the bottom for the suction we have a machine approximately 1m tall. We will post a picture soon, when it is a bit more finished.

The next step was to actually mill. First of all getting some gcode established for something that we liked. After a few hours Nicolas and Jakob Remin made a first cut-out with CNC:

jakob remin med skilt

the text seen on the sign was made using the linux script called “truetype to gcode” which comes with the linux emc package, and allows you to trace any text string and true type font to finished gcode very easily.

Now we can mill, but there are still some things left. We need to build the housing, so the machine can work in a safe environment. We need to figure out a quick way of establishing the gcode. We need to make a more step-by-step guide to the project.

Celebrating the first cut-out is also essential - the machine would be veru dissapointed if we would not appreciate its effort. Having a grill”party” at the boat was neccessary:
grillmeister 2food
grillmeister 1grill party 3

We hope to finish the rest in 2 days.

  1. Jay! Det ser for vildt ud!
    Kommer hjem om to uger. Glæder mig til at se Jer og maskinen :D
    Jakob Bak

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